“The present is the duration during which the space of experience and the horizon of expectation coincide. It is only during these durations of relative stability that we can call on our past experiences to guide our actions and draw conclusions from the past about the future.”
Hartmut Rosa
“Create meaning by experiencing, thinking, desiring and inventing. Anything that limits human freedom to feel, think, desire, and invent limits the meaning of the universe. The supreme ideal therefore is to free oneself from these limits. ”
Yuval Noah Harari
“Vision is, according to Merleau-Ponty, the meeting, like a crossroads, of all aspects of Being, and the body is found at the meeting point of gesture and life.”
Lee Ufan
“Linked by a common origin and evolution, living beings all share the same humanity.”
Satish Kumar
“Here we are at the time of the hybridization of aesthetics and ethics, of art and ecology: it is this alliance which will constitute the heart of the justifications of transaesthetic capitalism which is announced. ”
Gilles Lipovetski
“Wabi-sabi is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. It is the beauty of things modest and humble. It is a beauty of things unconventional.”
Leonard Koren